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Scarsdale Inquirer: Letter from the family to the Editor

The Brody family expresses warm thanks to community

When something as tragic as what happened to our family occurs, you think, “How can I go on?” The world stops and it seems impossible.

Yet, amazingly, we got through the first couple of weeks since Ellen’s accident, only because of the overwhelming kindness from the community. We write to express how grateful we are for all who have supported us through this extremely difficult time.

In the days following the news, the outpouring of support was astonishing. The community filled our home with messages, calls, letters and visits. People who knew Ellen well and those who had only met her once shared memories and words of sympathy. It is Jewish tradition to sit shiva, which is a time of mourning in the home during the week following the funeral. On the first night, at least 100 people came to our house. By the end of the week hundreds more, bearing more cakes, fruit arrangements and cookies than all the people could possibly eat.

At times, it seemed like we were guests at our best party. When the reality of the occasion set in, there were people at every turn to share loving memories and offer words of support and love.

We saw everyone from close friends to acquaintances. Many cooked their personal best dishes like lasagna, brisket, butternut soups and baklava. The reason is Ellen. She was a kind, caring woman who made friends with everyone she encountered. Her warm smile made everyone feel important. As a family, we shared a special bond, and she invited people in.

For Ellen’s funeral, we were worried about having enough space to accommodate everyone. That’s a good problem to have. The reason so many people came out was because made an impact wherever she went.

It brings us comfort to know that we don’t feel this tremendous loss alone.

In her memory, we hope that you take inspiration from Ellen’s wonderful life. Whether it be reaching out to an old friend, sitting down for a family dinner or hosting a party and making everyone feel like they are at home. What gets us through this is the possibility that people might be inspired by the amazing qualities Ellen had. Many of us have strength, kindness, warmth, hospitality, kindness and wonder inside of us, but it gets put to the side with everything going on in our busy lives. Friends, family and community are so important, and we have seen that firsthand.

Life is precious, and as Ellen showed us when we looked into the sea of people at her funeral and in our home, your impact can reach wider and deeper than you know.

The lesson of Ellen’s life is simple – show love to others and it will come back when you most need it. What we learned is that with every person she met, she was really planting a seed of love and when tragedy struck, every one of those seeds blossomed at once and came back to protect the cherished family she left behind.

We are heartbroken to see our beloved Ellen go. Yet, we still feel her presence, knowing that she is where one of us saw her in her dreams: “in a perfect place.”